Saturday, December 6, 2008


What chance is there of ever finding the right peg for the right hole? Sometimes it seems like a perfect fit but after a bit of of travelling, the edges rub and gaps enlarge and by part way through the journey it is obvious the two just are not compatible after all. 

Some say never mind, better the devil you know than one you don't.

Some argue about which is the wrong piece.

Some try to smooth corners and fill gaps to help ease the wounds.

Some find that the wounds begin to fester and so cover themselves in armour for protection.

Some blame themselves and try to change to better fit the other.

Some hide behind a cheery face.

Some fail to see the train heading straight towards them.

Some spend half a lifetime doing all of the above and then, just when all seems lost, the right peg arrives, quite unexpectedly.

They both know it is right instictively.

They share a common thread but need no strings.

They laugh and love and look and talk in harmony.

They jump hurdles, climb mountains and swim through floods to stay in touch.

They dream of being together.... some day some how.

They know and understand about the pain it will cause the other pegs in their lives.

But they only get one turn around the park..... one chance at life.

Take a leap and always trust your cape.

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