Thursday, July 24, 2008

Old Friends

There is nothing like old friends. You can be separated by thousands of miles, not see each other for years and have lots of new friends but, when you get together again with an old friend, it is like you only saw each other yesterday.

I have such a friend who lives in Tasmania. We met in the Adelaide Uni Mountain Club and have kept in touch ever since. She came to stay recently and it was fabulous. She came to Wednesday gardening, we stayed up late talking, we laughed and reminisced and talked about everything but most of all we were just at ease with other. In my post on the blog about her stay, I likened her to an old gardening boot - comfortable and warm - and she sent me an email when she read it saying thanks, that was a compliment and she felt the same way.

Yesterday I got a birthday card from her. It is all hand made and full of drawings and cuttings of vegetables and birds and flowers and says everything a friend would want to hear on their 50th birthday ..... including the bit about me always being hungry for good food! Along with another hand-made card I have received, this will be cherished and not hidden away in a drawer when the birthday is over.

People do change a bit over time but old friends know you from the inside out so there is nothing that can be hidden from them! I am very lucky to have a few old friends and a few is all I need.

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