Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dr. Dolittle used to talk to the animals, some people talk to their friends or spouses, I talk to the radio. The radio is responsible for initiating a multitude of emotions with its music, news and talkback but the one that makes me speak out loudest and most often is interviews with politicians. Take today, for example. There I was driving down the hill to get some ingredients for the cake I had to make for the gardening group to eat for morning tea. All very skippity-doo and so on, thinking about the jobs I had lined up for us to tackle and also about the post I had just finished writing for the blog. ABC radio announced the Minister for Climate Change and Water and began an interview about the newly-released plans to save the River Murray and all those who depend on it - Adelaide being at her (the minister's) mercy. All very predictable were the answers as they have been busy announcing this for months! Next question : "There is a chance that the water-allocation buy-back scheme may end up buying water from people who have an allocation but have not ever used it, so will more water actually flow down the river, after the government has spent $3billion of tax-payers' money?" At this point I arrived at the shop, opened the car door to get out, and said loudly "Of course it bloody well won't!" to the minister on the radio, just when an old lady emerged from the doorway of the chemist shop I had parked next to. She looked at me and I at her. Without explaining or even speaking to her I continued on my way....sometimes I just wish I had kept my big mouth shut!

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