Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There are a lot of things that make people feel good and there are all sorts of good feelings. One of them is something I get when I write something that I am happy with. You would think that after 49 and 3/4 years there wouldn't be any good feelings that I hadn't, at one time or another, experienced. But the feeling of putting onto paper some words that convey accurately and colourfully(?) some idea or event, and more than that, which come to some conclusions through following paths in my head that I never knew were there, is a most enjoyable feeling. Mostly I set out with nothing in mind and see where it takes me, then adjust things a bit to follow new and creative pathways which just leap out of the keyboard in front of my eyes. Rarely do I even have a topic to get me going. Sometimes I get a spark from another person's blog or something else I have read, like the seedsavers handbook which I wrote about recently or some photos from my garden. But because I don't have to, I can. That is what freedom is and that is like a magnet to me.

I am only worried that this feeling is a little too all-encompassing and will lead me to some sort of addiction to writing. I can tell it is a drug-like thing and quite incomprehensible, really. Another kind of wonderful thing sometimes happens when I am in the vegetable garden. Like today, when I came in and wrote crazy lines about that song Mambo Number 5. I felt totally euphoric, which is very nice, but why should I feel quite so skippity-doo from a couple of hours with my hands in the soil? It must be those soil bacteria Chook wrote about once, which actually do have some effect on people. But really, these two things take me so far away from what I should sometimes be doing that it is very hard to leave them.

Poor Roger. He said to me yesterday as I headed off to the blog - "maybe I will catch up with you online!" I wake up at a ridiculous time - usually around 5.30am, bursting to get up and so full of energy all over again. It must be all those fantastic vegetables, I think. So, what is to happen? Gardening and writing are a perfect match which exercise body and mind. That sounds good; lets just hope it is.


Gavin said...

Kate, well done on starting a personal blog. I didn't realise that the hill and plains seedsavers was a shared blog. You seemed to be the only one posting regularly.

I remember back two months ago when I started the Greening of Gavin, I began to get addicted to writing. The thoughts and ideas just began to flow like a dam bursting wide open. It felt euphoric, I felt alive, sharing the things that my family and I have done to live sustainably. As you said, it must be the vegetables or the soil bacteria, as I have never felt so alive!

Kate said...

That is amazing.Thanks Gavin.But it may encourage me...