Thursday, June 5, 2008


I left home this Thursday morning feeling gloomy and I have returned, not quite skippity-doo, but at least relaxed. As I was walking along the beach, towards the end of my walk, I opened my jacket and put my hands in the back pockets of my pants. Anyone who knows me well will know that this simple thing signifies a few things about me. Firstly, I am hot - nothing remarkable about that, I have always been that way, while everyone else shivers. Secondly, I am relaxed; funny the things we do. Thirdly, I am confident about something. Body language is fun to observe, even about yourself. ( There were lots of these sea sponges here today, see?)
The light at the beach today was interesting and, as I had an inkling it would be, I took my camera. Black clouds looked threatening but barely a drop of rain was squeezed from them into my rain gauge.

It is nice, when you are familiar with a place, to know that nothing can spoil the day when you are there and that just the process of going there puts things back into perspective.Whether it be sunny or grey, windy or calm, hot or cold, I know that when I walk between the Henley and Grange jetties, with one or other of the dozens of dogs I have known and walked with here over my lifetime, life will be good. Very good.

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