Friday, June 13, 2008


Sometimes we can spend a lot of our lives amongst things - surrounded and sometimes suffocated by them. Life throws arrows, bouquets and rules at us continually and we make our way as best we can through them, picking up and keeping the best bits and trying to deal with the worst but most of it is just stuff to get done.

People often seek out safety and security and that's fair enough. But, once we have these it is worth peeking out from there and taking a wider look at what is going on. If you are in the right frame of mind and let yourself absorb the knowledge of those who have gone before you, you are ready to become a part of the evolution of thinking that makes humans different from all other species. Philosophies for living, sciences for exploring and arts for creating are all human inventions. To move on through the ages we must encourage stimulating thoughts and greet alternative thinkers not as outsiders but as an aid to the development of ideas and ideals for us and the earth as a whole. After all, as far as we can tell, life only exists here, on earth. It is unique and precious and anything we can do to assist its survival is worth thinking about.

If we want to, we can all be a part of the rolling ball of life; not by always going with it but by giving edges to the ball that will make it swerve and twist and turn as it rolls on through time. These are the edges that will make tangents for future generations of thinkers and shakers to use in the moulding of their own ideas. These are the edges that can turn adversity into potential, despair into hope, chaos into civilisation, and the power of one into the power of all.

Edges are sometimes scary as we don't know where they will lead but it is the not knowing that is the advantage, the not knowing that gives us the energy to find out and the not knowing that gives us a spark of an idea that can turn into something good.

Lately I seem to have either made or come across more edges than smooth surfaces! They are challenging me and changing me as I change them; it works both ways. Sometimes it is clear where to land from jumping off an edge and sometimes it is foggy and the way more treacherous and uncertain. Now I am comfortable with edges and seek them out. I now have the confidence to know that I could deal with almost any outcome of leaving an edge.

Why, when I was a shy little girl have I developed such passions for things now? Why do I care so much for these things that I am willing to go through huge changes in myself in order to further a cause? I have no idea. But every time I take on a new challenge or say yes to something I never thought I would it is a stimulus to keep doing it. Now 'yes 'comes more easily than 'no, thanks' or even than 'let me think about it'. I can always change things and mould things later but now I just want to take that ball and roughen its edges and to be a tiny part of turning the power of one into the power of all and of steering ourselves away from the disintegration of civilisation into chaos, instead using the edges to roll the ball into a peaceful and sustainable future.

That is scary stuff. But I am up for it. Are you coming with me?

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