Thursday, May 29, 2008


There are some songs that are ridiculously emotionally overpowering for me. And there are others that make me laugh or sing or whatever. Here I am going to make an ongoing list, complete with the video clip of the version I know best.

Eric Clapton
A very special song
Wonderful Tonight

Most of Neil Diamond's songs:
If you know what I mean
I am, I said
Most of Elton John's songs:
Blue eyes
Sad songs
Don't let the sun go down on me
Crocodile rock
Tiny dancer
I guess that's why they call it the blues
Don't go breaking my heart
Beccy Cole
Poster Girl
and most of hers

Missy Higgins

Mambo #5

Always Trust Your cape

John Denver
Perhaps Love
Eagles and Horses
Seasons of the Heart
In the chorus of this I always change 'ponies' to 'Katie' (that's me) ; you work out why...
"And he says ponies, now ponies, don't you worry
I have not come to steal your fire away
I want to fly with you across the sunrise
Discover what begins each shining day"
Annie's Song
All this Joy
There are so many more of's hard to find good clips.....and I can't find "Home-grown Tomatoes" yet

Eva Cassidy
Fields of Gold

Rupert Holmes
The Pina Colada Song

E-Type Jazz - mellow jazz with magic vocals. Local Adelaide group.


Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

We played 'Fields of Gold' (Sting's version)as our bridal waltz so it's a very special song to me too. Our wedding ceremony was on a large flat rock on a friend's farm (surrounded by the birds, bush and fields of wheat and barley)so the song was a nice link at the reception.
Eva's version is very nice too. :)

Kate said...

Oh that would have been so beautiful. It is one of the most difficult songs for me to listen to because it is so powerful and somehow so perfect and I love Eva's voice.

Ian said...

Eva Cassidy - What can I say? I often play it when I'm thinking about what to write next.